General Qualifications:

  1. Applicants must have completed Grade 10.
  2. Applicants must be willing to undergo the exams and the interviews.
  3. Applicants must have good scholastic records (preferably no grade below 80) and conduct grades.
  4. Applicant’s parents must have a total combined monthly income not exceeding P16,000.00.

Initial Documents to be Submitted:

  1. Filled-out application form
  2. Two (2) pieces 2×2 ID photo (white background)
  3. Photocopy of Grade 10 report card indicating the applicant’s grades for the first quarter
  4. Original or photocopy of Grade 9 report card from the first to the fourth quarter
  5. Proof of income of parents showing a total annual household income not exceeding P200,000.00 or P16,000.00 a month (If employed, Employment Certificate/ITR/payslip/statement of income) (If unemployed, Barangay certification indicating “No income”)
  6. An essay answering these two questions: 1) Isalarawan mo ang iyong sarili sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay ng tatlong katangian. Magbigay ng mga kongkretong halimbawa para sa bawat katangian; 2) Why do you want to study in ERDA Tech? How do you think the school can help you achieve your goals in life? Answer each question with a minimum of 300 words, computerized, and double-spaced. Place the word count at the bottom of your answer for each question.

Put the application form together with all the requirements in a brown envelope with the applicant’s name in front and the name of the junior high school currently enrolled in. Address the letter to: THE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL OF FPTI – ET.



FROM: (Name of applicant)

SCHOOL: (Name of current junior high school)

Application and Selection Process:

  1. Fill out all information needed on the application form.
  2. If the information does not apply to you, write “NA”.
  3. Submit this form together with the other requirements DIRECTLY to the Principal’s Office.
  4. Those who will meet the initial pre-qualifying criteria will be informed and instructed to submit the rest of the required documents during the entrance exams.
  5. Those who passed the entrance exams shall undergo panel and family interviews with the screening committee.
  6. Successful candidates shall undergo a medical exam (instructions to be given by the clinic staff) and a summer bridging program in Tech-Voc and Academics.
  7. Those who pass the selection process will be admitted as a scholar of FPTI – ET.

Other Information:

All applicants will be given a schedule of their examinations and interviews as soon as the application has been received and found complete.