Guidance and Counseling

The guidance area aims to address the emotional and psychosocial needs of the students through the following:

  1. Homeroom Guidance
  • 7:30-8:30 a.m. every Monday
  • modules are prepared by the guidance teachers and facilitated by the class advisers
  • the content is based on year-level concerns, but some modules are common to all, such as the school thrusts


  1. Routine Interviews
  • the target is 100% of the student population
  • the interview aims to get an overview of the students’ school, family, and personal life, and if certain problems are detected, then the students are called for counseling


  1. Counseling
  • students under disciplinary status are referred by the prefects for counseling
  • class advisers and subject teachers may also refer students with problems
  • the more serious cases, which already require intervention for parents and other family members too, are referred to the school’s partner institutions for a more intensive approach to resolving problems


  1. Testing Program


  1. Career Guidance
  •  yearly DOLE labor market information is disseminated to the students and their parents
  • college admission talks
  • tech-voc career talks
  • industry talks
  • senior high school orientation