ERDERDA TECH BRIEFING MATERIALA Technical and Vocational Secondary School (ERDA Tech) opened in June 1994 in a depressed area in Pandacan, Manila to 295 students. Founded by French Jesuit missionary,  Fr. Pierre Tritz, SJ, the school was established to keep students in school and equip them with sufficient knowledge and skills to help them escape from the deprivations of poverty. It was to be a unique 5-year private technical high school that would help poor but deserving students youths to earn high school  diplomas and at the same time learn technical-vocational skills that would make them readily employable upon graduation.


Students from poor families, through sponsorships, obtain a free high school education-as well as a special training in a technical-vocational skill that would enable them to find gainful employment upon graduation or allow them to pursue a college degree. Over 1400 students have graduated, with the majority (70%) continuing undergraduate studies and rest, opting to work immediately.


Since 2009, ERDA Tech has benefited from the guidance and support of the Xavier School community and improvement has come in leaps and bounds.   In 2013, based on its performance on the National Achievement Test (NAT) administered by the Department of Education, it was rated the 9th best private secondary school in the city of Manila.  (It was ranked 36th in 2008.) More importantly, the graduating students of ERDA Tech have done impressively on their National Certification Exams conducted by TESDA. For the record, the passing rate had steadily been maintained at 80-100% for all four technical  specializations since 2011.


On the occasion of the 100th birthday of Fr. Pierre Tritz, S.J., the Board of Trustees of ERDA Technical and Vocational Secondary School (ERDA Tech) passed a resolution to rename the school in honor of its founder:  the “Fr. Pierre Tritz Institute – ERDA Tech”.


The School at Present:

The K to 12 reform of the Philippine educational system in 2012 has changed the educational landscape, providing the impetus for ERDA Tech to do some serious soul-searching and to re-imagine itself, envisioning a “new” ERDA that can stay relevant to the changing times and yet still be true to the original vision of its founder.


In response, ERDA Tech will focus  on the new Senior High School program (Grades 11 and 12) of the Department of Education, and drop Junior High School (Grades 7 to 10), where we have nothing unique to contribute.   We will offer a Senior High School program that is focused on the Tech-Voc track, granting both a High School diploma and a TESDA certification.


* the school has been granted by DepEd with the permit to operate the Senior High School Program, focusing on the tech-voc track

*at the moment, ERDA Tech is on transition to graduate its last batch of Junior High School students this School Year 2016-2017. By SY 2017-2018, ERDA Tech will be a fully stand-alone Senior High School.

*for SY 2016-2017, the projected total student population is 200