Party Time

Text and Photos by Jonathan S. Lacson, Assistant for Formation, FPTI – ERDA Tech; Additional Photos by Rowena B. Dela Cruz, Sponsorship Program Coordinator, FPTI – ERDA Tech

As soon as the last ERDAnian left the campus on December 21, 2017, an afternoon of fun and laughter began for the faculty and the staff of Fr. Pierre Tritz Institute – ERDA Tech  as they gathered for their yearly Christmas Party.

Interspersed in the event ably and delightfully emceed by Xavier School volunteer and Assistant for Academics Mr. Christian Bumatayo were raffle draws, games, and two surprise activities.

This year’s raffle prizes were bountiful such that each one got something, ranging from household items, food, drinks, and gift checks.

Assigned their respective numbers, the faculty and the staff were randomly called to form groups that would compete in the bottle flipping and the sequencing games.

This year, the White Elephant and the Bato, Bato, Win were introduced to the teachers and the staff. In the former, everyone brought wrapped items which are still worth using. Divided into two groups that would simultaneously play, the players put the items on the tables, and the two-round game began. In the first round, one who gets an odd number after rolling the dice gets nothing while one who gets an even number may get any two items from the bunch. The round ends when there is no more item left unpicked. Everyone then tore the wrappers to reveal the items. In the second round which lasted for 12 minutes, it was a free-for-all which means that, depending on what one would get after rolling the dice (odd – no item, even – one item, two of the same number – two items), anybody may get anything that he/she wanted even if somebody already has possession of the items. It was a frenzied round as everyone was rushing to claim and reclaim items while trying to beat the clock.

As for the latter, the Bato,Bato, Win, the group was divided into pairs. Each one had ten pesos, and with one count of scissors, rock, and paper, the winner got the other one’s money. All initial winners then found another partner, and the cycle was repeated, the group becoming smaller with each cycle, until only one was left victorious, Mrs. Hilda Prago, security personnel.

The abundance of food and drinks (pizza, chicken, barbecue, sweets, butitas, soda, juices) added to the merriment of everybody.

The last and highly-awaited part was the exchange of gifts made exciting by the revelation of who got whose name and which gift would be given.

As always, the faculty and the staff were very pleased, their stress lessened if not entirely removed, and their sagging spirits boosted and re-energized, thanks to the very generous sponsors of ERDA Tech who are worthy of admiration and gratitude.