New Students’ Orientation and Recollection

Text and Photos by Jonathan S. Lacson, Assistant for Formation, FPTI – ERDA Tech, Additional Photos by Joel S. Sulit, Assistant to the Student Activities Program Coordinator

The new students of Fr. Pierre Tritz Institute – ERDA Tech underwent an orientation and recollection on May 22 to 24, 2017 in order for them to know more about the culture and system of the school and to adjust more easily to their new environment. On hand to help them were selected old students who served as their peer guardian angels.

On the first day, the faculty and staff were introduced to the students. The various departments and offices also gave their respective presentations.

Mrs. Tracy Ann Rotarta, the prefect of discipline, guided the new students through the routines, policies, and procedures of the school in the morning of the second day. Moreover, the new students, together with their peer guardian angels, showcased their different talents in the afternoon.

Finally, the Campus Ministry led by Miss Jesselyn Buendia and Mr. Elmer Bueno facilitated the recollection on the third day which centered on looking back at their immediate past, cherishing the memories, and looking forward to a new chapter in their lives with the promise of new friendships and experiences.

Welcome to your new home, new ERDAnians!

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